One of the original ports of Banda Aceh which survived the tsunami

The Lhongka Mosque which survived the tsunami is in the background of newly built waterway for boats and shrimp farming.

The only evidence of the tsunami damage at the central Aceh marketplace.

Young Royhingan boys wait at restored IDP camp awaiting resettlement to the US. Most of them prefer to live in Indonesia as it is closer to Burma but is willing to accept a life that help them with education.

Tsunami remembrance monument.

This large freighter that was washed up on shore over 5 km inland makes a museum piece in which people can understand the science of tsunamis.

Only a few of the original IDP camps exist in Banda Aceh usually housing people having moved from other areas because of poverty.

Despite having winning his new home in court, Samsuddin returns back to the IDP camp village to continue working as a barber.

Inside Baiturrahman Grand Mosque completely restored.

Lambaro larget open market during the weekends

The fish markets are alive and busy day in an out.

Going to weddings are a regular weekend past time. Aceh still goes for the traditional and beautiful settings as they alway have.

Tsunami remembrance Musuem honours the countries that help support it during it time of need.

One of the exhibitions of the Aceh Tsunami Musuem.