Syria – 2015

Life in Syria in 2015
Some shots are video and photo stills

  • Role Photographer and Video
  • Date 2015

A young couple lay besides each other after being killed by a barrel bomb in Aleppo city. video still.

Syrians board a pick up truck heading towards the border to Turkey. Atmeh

Kafranbel is known as a place of “artivism”, where Syrian protest on a weekly basis through art such as graffiti, drawing, theatre and large banners.

A barrel bomb rips through Ansari mosque killing 15 and injuring much more during the month of Ramandan.

Nicknamed “Mario” because he turned up in a plumber’s outfit for his first day to volunteer to work in the Syrian Civil Defense, lays sleeping hoping not to be disturbed by a barrel bomb attack in his neighbourhood.

Doctors of IPHS work on a patient suffering from a shrapnel wound to the stomach.

A man lays recovering from the effects of a barrel bomb. Aleppo

FSA unit Nour De Zenky uses capture Syrian government tanks to help storm the Science Facility in Zahraa. Aleppo