A young couple lay besides each other after being killed by a barrel bomb in Aleppo city. video still.

Syrians board a pick up truck heading towards the border to Turkey. Atmeh

Kafranbel is known as a place of “artivism”, where Syrian protest on a weekly basis through art such as graffiti, drawing, theatre and large banners.

A barrel bomb rips through Ansari mosque killing 15 and injuring much more during the month of Ramandan.

A barrel bomb ripped through a school classroom.

The black banner of Islam, usually representing the area that is held by Jabhat Al Nusra. Aleppo City

A couple head home amongst the ruin in Shaar district.

Over six hundred orphans live in the Atmeh orphange camp.

Children look for something to play at Atmeh refugee camp. Over 60,000 refugees live in the camps of Atmeh.

A child walks past the ruins of Idlib city.

Widows and Orphans sit outside waiting the end of Ramandan to be able to break their fast.

Nicknamed “Mario” because he turned up in a plumber’s outfit for his first day to volunteer to work in the Syrian Civil Defense, lays sleeping hoping not to be disturbed by a barrel bomb attack in his neighbourhood.

“White Helmets” volunteers pose for the camera as they begin their shift for the day.

Doctors of IPHS work on a patient suffering from a shrapnel wound to the stomach.

A man lays recovering from the effects of a barrel bomb. Aleppo

FSA unit Nour De Zenki uses capture Syrian government tanks to help storm the Science Facility in Zahraa. Aleppo

Rebel fire at regime location from a construction site to keep regime troops from advancing.

FSA unit Nour De Zenki use a makeshift missile to fire at regime location at the Science Facility.