A Peshmerga and a YPG share a moment of quietness on the frontlines fighting against the Islamic State in Kobane, Syria

Peshmerga signal towards the camera signifying victory in defeating the Islamic State in Shangal in Sinjar, Iraq

Deceased ISIS fighters lay after being killed by an airstrike. Sinjar, Iraq

FSA unit, the Raqqa Revoluntionary Front fire mortars towards IS locations.

Kurdish armed group, the YPG fight the Islamic State during the night. Video Still and Night Vision module.

Kurdish groups from all four nations, Turkey, Iraq, Iran and Syria gather to fight against the Islamic State.

Iraq National Forces train at Taji army base.

An American Military advisor overlooks the formation of Iraqi platoon. Taji, Iraq

Peshmerga launch an assault on ISIS held area

Peshmerga watch Coalition planes fly past ISIS held area of Shangal dropping bombs as they go past

Peshmerga look ISIS positions on the fronlines in Shangal, Sinjar.

Family members of Amjed Wathah Aziz, 33, take his body to be buried in Wadi Al-Salaam in the holy city of Najaf. Wathah was shot and killed in a firefight with ISIS on Tuesday fighting with Hashd al-Shaabi in Al-Fatha near Tikrit. He left behind a wife and two sons.

Iraqi families bury a family member who was fighting with the Shia militias against the Islamic State. It averages about four hundred Shia militias are killed weekly in battles against the Islamic State.

Turkish Police officer helps brings over a dehydrated boy who had fled Tel Abyad and the fighting between the Islamic State and the YPG

Kobane residences return back to Kobane after the conflict is over against the Islamic State.