A woman walks through the destruction and devastation of her home

Living under trees. 70,000 displaced people live under trees having escaped the ethnic violence in Bor. Awerial, Lake County.

People return home after collecting their rations given by the ICRC and the South Sudanese Cross. Awerial

Neur residence of Bor flee to the UNMISS base in Juba fleeing the violence and fighting

Babies are born everyday in the UN base. The first baby was named Unmiss after the name of the base

70,000 are displaced living under trees, Awerial.

Ibrahim, 11, fled his home of outer Bor fleeing 30km to cross the Unity state border into Awerial in the Lakes border crossing by boat over the Nile. He has been living under a tree with his mother amongst an estimated 70,000 refugees. His father has not come to Awerial. He has not eaten well in days and had suffered from massive diarrhoea and vomitting. Showing his photo on my camera was the first time he'd ever seen himself as an image.

A boy plays with a mosquito net that he uses to sleep in at night

Women wait up to 7 hours to get access to clean water. Tonping UNMISS Base in Juba