The Cathedral

Girl overlooks her home in an IDP camp in the grounds of the Cathedral.

The Somali woman death stare

And God left the Horn of Africa.

A Rabbit in Mogadishu

Two Somali military officers reunite, Kismayo

Going for a dip at the port.

KDF ride out to battle the insurgents, Kismayo

A political artist makes his statement about the government of Mogadishu.

Young Somali Rambo running in the streets.

AMISOM police force patrolling the district of Lido

Shop front artwork.

Musa Ali overlooks the ruins of his militia rehabilitation centre that was taken control by Al Shabaab

A child plays in a bombed out car in Lido Beach area.

Somali police officer looks over at the people enjoying friday on the beach.

Protecting the airport fortress of Mogadishu

Thirsty? Coca Cola making its mark in Mogadishu

Overview the destruction

Sniper waiting through nightfall.

Entering an abandoned stronghold of Al Shabaab with the AU Police force

Food being distributed on the street

AMISOM soldiers searching the back alley way in search of Al Shabaab insurgents.