Through my Eyes Series - Faranas. A short documentary on the life of a young female student attending Skateistan.

Thunderstorm's A'Coming - Video / Audio Installation with Cam Butler and the Shadows of Love.

Kabul at Work - Who is the Police Commando?

White City - Perfect 10

What is an NGO? a video for predployment troops coming to Afghanistan. produced for CARE.

Reconnecting Familes - for the ICRC

Kabul - Sunrise to Sunset, installation piece for Cam Butler, 2012

Schools on the Moon project. Fundraiser and awareness of schools along the Afghan and Pakistan border.

White City - "Space Cadet" - music video . Shot in the old Russian cultural centre. 2012

Buoy LaRue - Comes and Goes music video. Shot in Kabul 2013

Kabul at Work Trailer, a multimedia series

Faces of an IDP Camp, Mogadishu, Somalia. Video installation art with musician Warren Ellis.

Gotye - "Night Drive" Video Art Piece

TSG / Skateistan Commercial

Roshan Data TVC - Commercial for Roshan Telecommunications

Kabul at Work - The Maths Philosopher

Kabul at Work - Who is the Graffiti Artist?

Kabul at Work - Who is the Eid Butcher

Pete Murray - "Better Days" - music video

Pete Murray - You Pick Me Up

Pete Murray - Class A - music video


Producer of "The girl in the ice box"