Lomo Amigo

Photos taken on Lomography cameras of Afghanistan. All shot on different types of film.

  • For Lomography
  • Type Photo Book

Roof of Bamiyan Hotel Sign

Meat Sellers in Frooshgah

Karachi (wheelbarrow) porters having time off.

Scoring a goal pose, ICRC Basketball Training

Shah-Do Shamshira Mosque

Herion Addict sleeping, Murade Khane

Sisters, Bamiyan

Herding the sheep, Bamiyan, B&W 400TX

Popcorn Maker, B&W Kodak 400TX

Sairobi Valley, Nangahar, X-Processed

Rumi's home, Balkh, X-Processed Film

Chai Seller, X Processed Film

Donkey Kart, Sprocket Rocket Camera, Red Scale

Along the river in Murad Khane

Kabul River, Red Scale, Sprocket Rocket

Bird St

The Gambler


Ashura, Murade Khane

A girl doing her exams, Murade Khane

Wood work teacher from Turquoise Mountain Foundations school of Arts.

Fazila by a graffiti saying "Islam is the way"

Inside Darul Aman palace

Fazila in Darul Aman palace

The old town