Counting with Fingers, studying at Murade Khane Primary School built by Turquoise Mountain, Kabul

Alberto Cairo, ICRC Orthopedic Centre Aliabad, Kabul. Shot on LOMO LC-A. for ICRC

On the phone. An Afghan family is able to have contact with their relative in prison detainment. ICRC

Waiting on the call. ICRC

Going for goal. Disabled Basketball, ICRC.

Women heading home to Gojorto deep in Samanghan. for Solidarites

Playing in Graves, Bala Hissar Fort, Kabul

Beneath Clouds, Kandahar

Kids of the Tundra, Bamiyan

The Potato Children. Some children are sold off into bonded labour to cover family debts. Kabul. for IOM

Herding the Sheep, Faryab

Leaving Class, Peacock House

A young girl is studying for her exams at Murade Khane Primary school. For TMF

Big Brother, Baghdis Province

Morning in Bamiyan

Bird Street in Dusk. Kabul

Paragling in Shomali Plains, Kabul.

Buzkashi, Kabul

A Buzkashi rider walks away after being thrown off his horse.

Vegetable Seller, Kabul. Shot on Leica M6

Boy by Darrulman Palace, Kabul. Shot on Leica M6.

The game goes on, Darulman Palace

The boy from Gojoroto, Samanghan

A woman tells of her hardship and poverty living in the rural villages of Samanghan. For Solidarites.

The little wanderer, Samanghan

Scarf flying, Samanghan

Brothers, Samanghan

Girl studying in class.

Fazila by a graffiti "Islam is the answer"

Darul Aman Palace

Demining in Sairobi. For ATC and MACCA

Deminer heading to work. ATC and MACCA

Working with disability. Sheberghan, Jowzjan Province for IRD

Demining in Samanghan

Flying kites, Bamiyan

Demining in Bamiyan

Demining team heads into the field, Sairobi. for MACCA

Asadullah put on his first prosthetic leg after losing it in a landmine. After a week of trial and error, he will receive the cosmetic plastic in shape of his leg. ICRC

A mother is awaiting to receive word of her child brought in for malnutrition. ICRC

Inside Murade Khani's workshops. TMF

Lighting the way - Roshan