Just spent three weeks in Syria covering daily life during the month of Ramandan. Now to caption and put together the pictures to stories

At Istanbul Modern checking out the Magnum Exhibition. One Day, inshallah.

Kurds dance on the street celebrating yearly Mayday on Mis Sokak, Istanbul.

Firouz, 41, from Aleppo is one of many Syrians refugees making the perilous journey to Europe, leaving behind his family to help secure them refugee status hopefully in Germany. His option chose him to come to Izmir where he will cross the sea through Greece and continue by foot and transport onwards. After the boat accidents leave thousands of migrants dead he fears this could be his life too. He doesn't want to stay forever but at least till the war is over in Syria. He shows me a picture of his daughter excelling at school from last week before they had to flee.

Ahmed lost both his arms from a barrel bomb attack in Aleppo Syria as well as his siblings and his family members. He was sent to Turkey to recieve treatment and soon to have prothestic arms made for him. He loves dancing to Gangnam Style. Istanbul, Turkey

Only his feet stood on the podium,
the rest was taken by the Americans.

Firdous Square where Saddam Hussein's statue was.

The grave digger in Najaf, the largest grave site in the world sees over 400 Shia fighters a month being buried from clashes with ISIS

The men rejoiced of Hashed Al Shabee, the volunteer militias as they took back the town of Tikrit. Another blow for ISIS as a finger of their fist of power on Iraq is severed.