Jacob Simkin

  • Photo/Videographer / Film maker
  • Worldwide

Wandering photo / video journalist adventuring the world. Have Camera, will travel.

Jacob Simkin sold everything and quit his career as a commercial photographer and cinematographer to go work in Banda Aceh, Indonesia after the tsunami in 2004. He hasn’t looked back since and has travelled from developing country to war zones covering the humanitarian crises.

He found home in Afghanistan and has made it his base for the last six years working for NGOs, the UN and the press. Trying to make Kabul home, Jacob has taught photography, film-making, rock climbing, boxing, and even skateboarding in Afghanistan. He even help organise music festivals in not just Afghanistan but in Mogadishu, Somalia.

He leaves Afghanistan in hopes to make a children’s book and photo/audio installation around the war in Syria to help bring light of the situation and help end the war.


The Fighting Season at Ricky Schroeder Production

April 2014 – Sept 2014 Afghanistan

Videographer of a six part series on the last American fighting role in Afghanistan and they pull out of Afghanistan


UNDP, ICRC, Newsweek, Mercy Corps, Mine Action Clearance Centre, Humanitarian Bazaar, National Geographic, Médecins Sans Frontières


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